Construcción de la verja fronteriza con Haití avanza según lo programado

Construction of border fence with Haiti progresses on schedule

the minister of Defendinglieutenant general Carlos Luciano Diaz Morfasupervised the progress of the works of the fence being built on the border with Haiti.

Diaz Morfa, At the conclusion of the tour and the exchange of information with the engineers in charge, he said that the scheduled activities are proceeding at the planned pace and progress is being made in the work.

“The fence will benefit both countries, because it will allow more efficiency in the control of the migratory flow, in combating cattle theft and other illicit acts, such as drug trafficking, the illegal sale of weapons, and the protection of agricultural producers, strengthening the current protection schemes for the border area,” said Díaz Morfa.

The head of the Ministry of Defense assured that houses will be built to deliver them to those who need to be displaced from their current residences, to make way for the fence.

In the supervision of the project and in the exchanges with the owners of the dwellings and the land that will be declared of public utility, the minister spoke with the parceleros who own the land that is located in some points where the work is being carried out. He thanked them for their willingness to collaborate with the construction of the fence and assured them that all the legitimate owners will be compensated by the Government.

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The minister was accompanied by the general commanders of the Army and the Air Force, majors generals Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez and Leonel Amílcar Muñoz Noboa. The members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Jorge Iván Camino Pérez, ERD., Director of Intelligence, and Brigadier General Rafael Antonio Núñez Veloz, ERD., Director of Plans and Operations. And they joined the supervision activity, civil authorities of the Dajabón province.

The military high command together with engineers responsible for the work, and civil authorities of Dajabón, toured the area where they are located.of the pyramids 17, 18 and 19, where they are raising the first 700 meters of the fence. The “pyramids” are concrete monoliths that mark the layout of the border line.

In this area, the 1.5-meter-high concrete is being poured, on which the metal mesh will later be placed. The first phase of the project comprises 54 kilometers.

Civil and military authorities toured the area of ​​pyramids 1 and 2 in Manzanillo, to supervise the process that is carried out with the houses located on the land that will be used for the project.

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