Constitution of electronic domicile before Senaclaft

Certain individuals and/or legal entities that are related to public entities must set up an electronic address (Domel) to relate to them. Decree No. 355/021 published in the Official Gazette on October 27, 2021, includes the National Secretariat for the Fight against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (Senaclaft) as one of the public entities before which the Domel must be registered.

Obliged subjects

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Decree, the following subjects are obliged to establish a Domel before Senaclaft:

to) The Non-Financial Obligated Subjects provided for in art. 13 of Law No. 19,574 (lawyers, notaries, accountants, real estate, auctioneers, users of free zones, among others).

b) Any natural or legal person who appearson behalf of the obliged subject, to take steps before Senaclaft.


The electronic address is the place where digital notifications are received and stored of the organizations to which the natural or legal person has subscribed.

The digital address is unique for each natural or legal person and is created only once. Once created, the regulated entity subscribes to each of the organizations from which it is required to receive notifications.


It is important to comply with the established constitution obligation, since this will be the only valid means of notification to be used by Senaclaft. It is important to note that notifications made through the Domel will have the same legal validity as those made by conventional means.

The notification is understood to have been made when it is available in the inbox of the E-Notifications System. of the Agency for the Development of the Government of Electronic Management and the Information and Knowledge Society (Agesic) of the recipient of the notification and the same accesses it, or when 10 business days have elapsed since the notification is available in said inbox even without the recipient having accessed it.


The owner and/or representative of the Domel, whether a natural or legal person, is solely responsible for its correct use. and the custody of your username and password, as well as the designation of additional readers who access it and its use by them.

Procedure to be carried out

The procedure to establish the Domel must be initiated by registering on the site (registration that allows access to the digital services of the State) and must be carried out by the obligated natural person or by the representative of the legal entity. .

Once registered, the Domel must be constituted and then subscribed to Senaclaft.

The procedure can be carried out completely online if the natural person has a digital identity card and its corresponding reader. In the rest of the cases, it must be completed with the presentation of the required documentation.accompanied by notarial certifications, if applicable, as follows:

  • In person, through a prior electronic agenda, at Convention 1366 floor 4.
  • Delivering it in an envelope identified with the name of the Obliged Subject and CI or RUT number in a mailbox enabled by Senaclaft for that purpose. In this case without the need for a previous agenda.
  • Sending it by postal mail to the aforementioned address.

After submitting the documentation and processing the application, you will receive an email confirming the creation of the Dome and the correct subscription to Senaclaft.


Decree No. 052/022 extended the term for the constitution of the Domel before Senaclaft until May 31, 2022 and it is anticipated that this will be the only extension to comply with the Law.

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