They reveal that the Minister of Agriculture would have the status of a free prisoner for an alleged scam

Congressmen speak out after Javier Arce resigns from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation

This Sunday, gave up the (Midagri) less than two weeks after taking office. This as a result of constant questioning for not having experience or studies in the sector.

Faced with this, various congressmen spoke about it on their social networks. Most of them showed a position in favor of Arce’s departure and against the decisions of the Government of peter castle.

One of the first to express her opinion was the first vice president of Congress, Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress), who emphasized the short time that Arce Alvarado remained in Midagri in the context of a possible food crisis.

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Sung resignation of the Minister of Agriculture. He lasted two weeks in office! Faced with the next food crisis that, in fact, will seriously affect our country, what ‘technocrat’ capable of dealing with this situation will Pedro Castillo and Aníbal Torres surprise us with now?”, the parliamentarian wrote on her Twitter account.

Next, the second vice-president of the Parliament, Henry Wong (not grouped), asserted that the next head of the Midagri must be a technician and not a politician.

Also, Congresswoman Carol Walls (Popular Action), who is also president of the Ethics Commission, emphasized that Javier Arce shouldn’t have taken Midagri due to their inexperience in the sector.

With the food crisis close at hand, someone inexperienced and, worse still, with so many questions, should never have been appointed to lead the Midagri. Of what use will Javier Arce’s departure be if the Government does not responsibly assume the destiny of the country?”, He maintained in networks.

Ministers are like zombies: one leaves and there are 10 in line to replace him. The underlying problem is called peter castle and the solution passes through its exit”, added legislator Alejandro Cavero (Avanza País) on Twitter.

Resignation of Javier Arce

Javier Arce Alvarado He announced his resignation from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation through his Twitter account. In a letter, he assured that his decision to resign from him is for “personal reasons” and appreciates the opportunity and trust given to him.

According to sources from El Comercio, the president Pedro Castillo would swear in the new Midagri holder tomorrow, Mondaybecause on Tuesday he travels to the United States to attend the Ninth Summit of the Americas.


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