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Caminera sanctioned 200 drunk drivers this week

In the week between May 29 and June 4, Highway Patrol inspectors carried out a series of controls on the country’s main routes.

As a result of these procedures, it was possible to delay and sanction 200 drivers who tested positive for alcohol, out of just over 7,000 tests carried out.

The Central department again leads this figure with 141 drunk drivers at the helm of their vehicle, the report details.

Making a general count, some 448 vehicles were delayed for various infractions, including 58 motorcycles. 18 drivers were sanctioned for lacking a license plate, 25 for undue overtaking and another 16 for speeding, among others.

The statistics during this week were 48 traffic accidents in the jurisdiction of the Caminera, 28 of which registered material damage, 12 with a balance of injuries and 8 with fatalities.

The entrance Caminera sanctioned 200 drunk drivers this week was first published in diary TODAY.

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