Congress will vote this Wednesday on a new extension to the State of Exception in the south of the country

During this Wednesday, the chamber of the Chamber of Deputies will vote on a new extension to the State of Constitutional Exception in the southern part of the country, which governs the provinces of Cautín, Malleco, Arauco and Bío Bío.

At about 10:00 a.m., it is expected that the extension of the measure will be approved without problems, despite the fact that various sectors of the ruling party demand the prompt end of the militarization in the sector.

in conversation with Radio Bio Biothe head of the Communist Party (PC), Karol Cariola, stated that the position of the store has been strengthened, pointing out that mechanisms must be found to allow the cessation of the measure.

“It has had results in the objectives that have been sought. However, we have also been pointing out to the Ministry that the State of Exception is an exception, not a norm, and mechanisms must be found to get out of that exception,” he said.

Disparate opinion of the deputy of the Socialist Party, Marcos Ilabaca, who called for an expansion of the powers of the State of Exception and that it no longer be applied in a “limited” way, the same request of the opposition.

“We do not believe that we should continue with a limited State of Exception, but with a broad one. To carry out order with those groups that do not want to dialogue, and there the State must apply the State of Exception as it is in our legislation,” he sentenced.

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