Conep points out that disabilities due to Covid-19 should be regulated by the authorities and not at the discretion of the companies

The president of the National Council of Private Enterprise, Rubén Castillo Gil, president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), stated this Thursday that the issue of the incapacity of those workers who are in close contact or who test positive for Covid-19 , should be regulated by the authorities and not left to the discretion of companies and collaborators.

“It is an approach that we are making, we believe that this should be regulated to some extent, we believe that if an authority tells a person that they cannot carry out their work because they are in quarantine or waiting for a study or a proof due to the fact that he has had close contact, that person falls within the parameters of incapacity because it is the authority that tells him you cannot leave your house to provide your service, you have to stay in quarantine, but I do believe that It should be regulated so that the solution to this situation does not remain at the mercy of the parties, if there were regulations, the application would be simpler, ”said the lawyer on RPC Radio.

Likewise, the former Minister of Health, José Manuel Terán, stated that greater clarity should be established around the issue of disability, as well as an improvement on the spokesperson for it.

“The part of the disability certificates, that in reality is not properly regulated, yesterday I listened to two advisers from the Ministry of Labor, each one with a slightly different version of the other and this leads us to the issue of spokesperson, of communication, For an issue like this to be handled properly, there must be an authorized spokesperson and it cannot be diluted in different spokespersons who probably do not know the subject and issue information that is not correct,” Terán pointed out.

Castillo indicated that the increase in Covid-19 infections registered in recent days is having an impact on companies.

“It is affecting the operation of small, medium and micro-enterprises that in many cases have had to close their activity due to the fact that they do not have available workers and on top of that we are not collecting the data with the union organizations that protect these sectors and obviously it is something that we would like to discuss with the authorities”, he remarked.

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