Conep files lawsuit of unconstitutionality against decree that establishes marketing margins

A claim of unconstitutionality against Executive Decree No. 16 of July 26, 2022, which establishes the maximum gross marketing margin for some imported products, was filed this Wednesday morning by the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) , led by the lawyer Rubén Castillo Gil.

The lawyer stated that this action is part of the corresponding judicial claims in relation to the decrees that have been issued, after the “supposed discussion in a dialogue table with which we have not agreed because it has been exclusive.”

“We think that the mechanism that should be used to reduce the cost of living is not the one that has been used. As has happened in other countries, the regulation of prices, the massive intervention of the state in economic activity affects citizens” , Castillo Gil noted.

He emphasized that the National Council of Private Enterprise will defend free competition, “we are mainly supporting small, medium and micro producers who are also affected by this type of measure.”

He added that they will also carry ideas to solve the problems generated by the crisis caused by the rise in fuel.

Second phase of the single dialogue table

The president of Conep branded the second phase of the single dialogue table as a “mirage”, since it is not known what the rules are, it is not known who will be the facilitator.

“The content seems to be being defined at that table that we have denounced as exclusive and discriminatory. If those are the conditions, it is very difficult for the private sector to participate in that phase two. It cannot be that we do not have a participation in the definition of the rules and the mechanics of how a dialogue is going to be defined, and that is not convenient for the country and for all of society,” he concluded.

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