Concepción manages before the UAGRM the opening of three university careers

Concepción manages before the UAGRM the opening of three university careers

By: Jorge Huanca – Correspondent

The mayor of Concepción, Mauricio Viera, met this Monday with the vice-rector of the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno (Uagrm), Reinerio Vargas, to manage the implementation of three university courses in that municipality for the 2022 management.

Viera said that the opening of three careers was proposed: Public Accounting, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, but the state university does not have financial resources to invest, so the qualification of these careers at the undergraduate level will depend on the Chiquitana Integral Faculty of San Ignacio de Velasco

“The Higher Teacher Training School would host the classes and, on the subject, fees we are making arrangements with the New Men Foundation because we cannot get resources from the municipality for higher education ”, explained the municipal authority.

In addition, he noted that They will enable 100 quotas for Public Accounting, 70 for Zootechnics and 70 for Agriculture. Applicants will not take the entrance exam, but if there are a large number of registrants, those with better grades will be favored.

“The agreement has not yet been finalized, but the vice-chancellor has all the predisposition to decentralize the university to the provinces and give young people the opportunity to train professionally ”, he added.

According to Viera, a census carried out in the last administration revealed that 1,350 high school graduates from Concepción did not have the opportunity start higher education due to economic factors.

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