Comptroller will no longer be able to audit Yacyretá

Comptroller will no longer be able to audit Yacyretá

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), made up of ministers César Diesel, Víctor Ríos and Alberto Martínez Simón, granted the precautionary measure requested by the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY).

The requested measure prohibits the application of Law 6763; “That it has a procedure for control, surveillance and inspection of the national accounts, assets and assets of the Itaipú and Yacyretá binational entities.”

With this, the Comptroller will not be able to audit the funds of said binational.


Camilo Benítez, comptroller general of the Republic, affirmed that in this way the audit is suspended. He reported that they were requesting the documents, which the binational entities were sending in parts: “They did not deliver in a way that we could complete the work. With this, they will no longer send any documentation and we will have to inform Congress, ”he advanced.

Benítez estimates that next week they will send a report on this new situation to the National Congress.
“This measure of the highest judicial instance is no longer appealable. There is no legal spring to be able to review this, ”he warned.

For the comptroller, the only way left is to wait for the plenary session of the Court to rule on the merits of the matter, since now they were only issued provisionally.

“For a precautionary measure to be granted, the substance of the matter is not studied. It is studied if there is urgency, delay, plausibility, but not the substance, I do not know when they could be issued in this regard, hopefully it will be as soon as possible, “he concluded.

The first article establishes the control, surveillance and supervision by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, of the execution of funds from the national accounts, assets and assets of the Itaipú and Yacyretá binational entities, corresponding to the Paraguayan side. second article establishes that the Comptroller will issue a resolution in which it establishes the protocols and procedures for the fulfillment of the purposes of this legislation; which must foresee, at least two audits, one financial and another of works, annually to the Itaipú and Yacyretá binational entities, and must immediately submit the reports and results to both houses of Congress.

While the third article establishes that the Comptroller’s Office, once the term has expired for the Itaipú and Yacyretá binational entities, to send the documentation required to carry out a willing audit, and may even process orders to search homes, premises, warehouses, other premises , with the help of the public force in order to access all the records and documents detailed in the corresponding resolution, and fulfill its mission.

Camilo Benítez, Comptroller General of the Republic.

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