Community members declare an emergency due to the escape of two inmates from Cenvicruz;  one was recaptured, according to the Government

Community members declare an emergency due to the escape of two inmates from Cenvicruz; one was recaptured, according to the Government

The inhabitants of the 16 communities of district six of El Torno they are frightened by the escape of two inmates of the Nueva Vida Santa Cruz Educational Center (Cenvicruz), which, according to them, they already perpetrated a robbery yesterday. From the management of this center they reported that one of the accused had already been recaptured and they asked the living in the area to remain calm.

The leaders of district six declared an emergency due to this incident and regretted that from the Santa Cruz Government they did not inform about the fact, nor about the investigative work that is being carried out to find the recapture.

In addition, in a meeting between community members determined to demand the withdrawal of Cenvicruz from the area of ​​El Torno for considering that there are “dangerous” people held in the place, since, according to them, they are accused of murder, rape and aggravated robbery.

According to records and police information, the leak was recorded after noon on Monday. One of the minor offenders was seen by the Forestal community and the other, allegedly, would have entered to rob a house in the Quebrada community León, also known as La Calera.

The alleged inmate of Cenvicruz fleeing on a motorcycle on Monday

“The young man came to my house and asked me to give him water, I gave it to him and he drank it, showing nervousness. Later hit the road and jumped on a passing motorcycle taxi. At that moment I took a photo of him, because I realized that he was not from the area and I sent it to the group (of WhatsApp) of neighbors that we have, there I found out that he was one of those who escaped from Cenvicruz, “explained one woman from the Forest community, in contact with EL DEBER.

According to the community member, who asked not to be identified, other neighbors warned that the other young man who escaped from the center perpetrated a robbery in the adjoining community. In addition, He asked for more police control and greater protection by officialss of the Government, as he assured that it is not the first time that leaks from the center have been recorded.

THE DUTY contacted Pedro Becerra, new director of Cenvicruz, dependent on the Government Santa Cruz, to know why the community members have not yet been informed of the investigative work in search of the capture of the subjects and to know the circumstances of the incident.

Becerra avoided talking about the escape of the inmates and acknowledged that he had not yet spoken with the leaders of the sixth district of El Torno, but He assured that tomorrow he will hold a meeting with the residents to meet their demands and provide a solution to the requests to strengthen the security of the center.

Likewise, the director of Cenvicruz indicated that one of the youths has already been recaptured and pointed out that he is following in the footsteps of the second fugitive, then he avoided giving further details by indicating that this Wednesday he will give a conference after meeting with the community members of district six.

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