Community members claim for road repair in Villa Vásquez

Community members claim for road repair in Villa Vásquez

Montecristi.- Residents of several communities in the coastal area of ​​the Villa Vásquez municipality protested this Tuesday over the poor state of their main road, which has been demanding its reconstruction for more than 30 years.

The demonstration was supported by the municipal mayor Henry Castro and Senator Ramon Antonio Arias Pimentel, who marched together with those affected in the Las Agüitas and Manantial communities, demanding the construction and paving of the road that keeps them incommunicado with the municipality of Villa Vásquez. .

The locals allege that the road is full of holes, stones, branches of canes and wooden debris, which prevent the passage in addition to the dust that causes diseases.

The demonstrators, who were also supported by the churches, neighborhood associations and mothers’ centers, began the protest in the Botoncillo community, displaying banners and marched towards the Villa Vásquez park, closely followed by members of the national police and agents of the Directorate. General Security of Traffic and Land Transportation (DIGESETT).

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