Commission of deputies will travel to Brazil to expedite the extradition of Parada

Commission of deputies goes to Brazil to expedite the extradition of Antonio Parada

This Sunday a commission of deputies leaves for Corumbá, Brazil, to expedite the extradition of Antonio Paradamain investigated in the case of the creation of ghost items in the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz.

“The commission that is going to move to Corumbá is already leaving to hold a meeting with the congressmen of the Brazilian parliamentso that they can learn about this case of the ghost items”, informed Estefanía Morales, deputy of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

The purpose of the trip is to make possible the extradition procedures for Antonio Parada to be tried in Bolivia for evidence of corruption in the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The legislator clarified that the trip is being made with the members of the commission’s own resources, “we are traveling with our budget, with our own resourcesit is not a resource of the Assembly (Plurinational Legislative)”.

Parada has been deprived of liberty in Brazil since January 26the term for an extradition process is 40 days, but this period can be extended, which is why this commission intends that the process be shortened.

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