Commission blames Lasso for having ties to tax havens

Commission blames Lasso for having ties to tax havens

The Constitutional Guarantees Commission approved a majority report that recommends calling the President to the Assembly to answer for the accusations.

With the vote of six of its members, the Constitutional Guarantees Commission of the Assembly approved a report majority in which it concludes that the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, maintains ties with operations in tax havens. This with regard to the inquiries made by the legislative body regarding the revelations of the journalistic investigation ‘Pandora Papers‘.

This determines (in the document) that Lasso breached the rules that prohibit candidates and public officials from investing in places considered to be paradises. At report In the part of the conclusions, it is assured that this fact has generated “a serious political crisis” in the country.

Therefore, among its recommendations, it establishes the need for the president Lasso be summoned before the Plenary of the Assembly for what respond to concerns and provide information about your alleged violations.

The report It also proposes that the investigation file be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office, Comptroller’s Office, Superintendency of Banks and Internal Revenue Service (SRI), so that each entity can proceed in accordance with its powers.

The Assembly to lift the secrecy of the information classified as reserved that is related to the case.

On the other hand, as previously announced by Assemblyman Virgilio Saquicela, he will send the Plenary a report minority in which the case file is recommended.

It depends on the president of the Legislature, Guadalupe Llori, the designation of a date for the total of the assembly members to analyze the reports and make a resolution about it. (LAG)

Voting on the report

In favor:

  • José Cabascango (PK)
  • Edgar Quezada (PK)
  • Mario F. Ruiz (PK)
  • Paola Cabezas (Unes)
  • Victoria Desintonio (Unes)
  • María F. Astudillo (Unes)


  • Virgilio Saquicela (Ind.)
  • Gruber Zambrano (Ind.)


Sofia Sánchez (PK)


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