Auxilio Comipol satisface a los nativos y turistas

Comipol aid satisfies natives and tourists

Those who suffer any mishap on the trunk roads of the Dominican Republic are assisted in a few minutes by Public Works units

Safety on the main roads and highways of the country is guaranteed by the units of the Military and Police Commission (Comipol) of the Ministry of Public Works, so the satisfaction of those who are helped springs to the surface.

Through a tour of highways such as Las Américas, Juan Pablo II (the one that leads to Samaná), Circunvalación de Santo Domingo and others, some of the actions could be verified, as well as the expressions of individuals and families in the presence of a unit when It remains for any situation.

According to the director of Comipol, General Rafael Vásquez Espínola, more than 80 percent of the services they offer are produced because the units continue to circulate on the roads, not because of calls from those who are damaged, which he attributes to the fact that the majority are unaware the helpline.

The high official reveals that they have divided the country into nine regions and cover more than 3,000 kilometers nationwide, where they offer vital services such as towing, assistance for damaged tires, pre-hospital care if a traffic accident occurs together with 9-1 -1, or by calling 829-688-1000, mechanical assistance.

For medical assistance, the commission has 35 ambulances located in strategic and most vulnerable points of the national territory.

Similarly, they have five mobile mechanical teams to assist vehicles that remain on the highways due to mechanical problems, as well as five vehicle extrication units, to assist people inside damaged vehicles without affecting their bodies.

“If a vehicle is closed in an accident, these specialized teams can resolve the situation in less than five minutes,” says the officer, who feels satisfaction with the work carried out by his men and women on the country’s highways and highways.

The Comipol director points out that members of the unit have spent hours protecting vehicles from loads on highways and highways until the drivers solve the problems to prevent looting and other criminal acts.

Actions speak
Rosanna Justo, a tourist from the Republic of Colombia, was driving a car on the Las Américas highway, at kilometer 13, from West to East, but one of the front tires suffered a puncture, so she immediately stopped in an unpopulated area.

In less than five minutes, she was seen by a Comipol unit that came to her aid, removed the flat tire and replaced it, but a man had already appeared at the scene with the supposed intention of collaborating.

Justo, who was accompanied by a daughter, a granddaughter and another companion, defined the service as transcendental, especially when it comes to tourists who do not know the destination country or who to call in case of emergency.

He said that in his country Colombia there are no units like the MOPC, so he estimates that the Dominican Republic is above any nation in the world in terms of road safety.

Later, at the Tollbooth of Las Américas, a Mercedes Benz jeepeta crashed into one of the walls of the station, in the east-west direction, with three people injured, but the immediate action of Comipol units prevented them from affected had a fatal outcome.

Among the injured were Edison Javier Taveras, Edison Fermín Taveras, Juan Javier Mejía Ramírez and Omar Napoleón Vicioso Ramírez, driver of the vehicle, who was taking some steps in the area despite the blows to different parts of the body.

Stopped to eat
Unit came immediately

The satisfaction
Guarionex Batista stopped to eat in his minivan, but in less than five minutes a Comipol patrol car appeared and asked what was wrong with him. Batista’s impression was one of great joy to know that he was protected on the highway and that he can travel safely on any road regardless of whether it is night or day. He points out that the units assist between 900 to 1,200 vehicles on the trunk roads that multiply on weekends.

Between 900 and a thousand vehicles are assisted every day on highways

829-688-1000 is the line that can be called for help

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