Come back and play: Leonardo Favio wins an award in 'Yo me llamo' and makes Amparo Grisales cry

Come back and play: Leonardo Favio wins an award in ‘Yo me llamo’ and makes Amparo Grisales cry

Amparo Grisales and Leonardo Favio.

It is the third time that the talented imitator has won a juicy prize and is emerging as the great contender for the title this season.

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The imitator of the late Argentine singer Leonardo Favio touched fibers again in reality ‘My name is’, who is looking for the perfect double of his favorite artist in his 2021-2022 season.

With his masterful voice and heartfelt interpretation, the artist sang the theme “If my guitar sings like it sings”one of the most vibrant themes of the gaucho who died in 2012 in the city of Buenos Aires, due to severe pneumonia.

Leonardo managed once again to move the jury made up of César Escola, Yeison Jiménez and Amparo Grisales, who could not hold back their tears when they saw the vocal quality and the staging of the contestant who evoked old memories of the actress from Manizales with her guitar and her interpretation.

Thanks to your excellent show, ‘Leonardo Favio’ He kept the prize of 40 million pesos that were at stake this Monday, February 7.

The artist overcame the imitators of ‘Carlos Gardel’, ‘Camilo Sesto’ and ‘Andy Montañéz’.

Followers of the perfect double of the Argentine singer see him as a strong contender to win the title and the 700 million that they will deliver to the winner of the Canal Caracol reality show.

Here are the reactions of his fans:

This is the third time that ‘Leonardo Favio’ has won an award during his time on the show. He had already been awarded checks for 10 and 25 million pesos thanks to his excellent performance on the stage of the stars of ‘My name is’.

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