New group from Chiapas leaves for CDMX

Comar reiterates: the asylum process cannot be resumed in another state

Fernando Camacho Servin

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, November 20, 2021, p. eleven

The indications of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Comar) that asylum seekers who leave Chiapas would be incurring abandonment of your request is a very stupid opinion, since these proceedings can be resumed in other cities, said Luis García Villagrán, of the Center for Human Dignification.

While yesterday directing a contingent of the migrant caravan in Chiapas, the activist disqualified the remarks made by the head of the Comar, Andrés Ramírez, who pointed out – in a note published by this medium – that the people who have already begun their refugee process in that entity they could be abandoning the process if they join the walk.

It’s a very stupid opinion, to say the least, because we were already given appointments for February and March (2022), and a pre-appointment is equivalent to having nothing. Losing the process is not true, because those same procedures can be done in the Acayucan office and in Mexico City. Enough of the lies of the Mexican State against the population in mobility, he claimed.

Asked about this, the Comar general coordinator stressed that the activist’s response was generated by a statement from a reporter, but said body has never stated that joining the caravan cancels the refugee process in general for all interested persons On it.

Foreign citizens who decide to seek refuge in Mexico, he explained, can do so in any city even if they are currently participating in the caravan, as long as they have not previously carried out any procedure in that regard, but if they have already started their proceedings in Chiapas, leave that entity. is equivalent by law to a abandonment of your request.

This is not said by the Comar, but by the law, and we are here to execute the law. I only referred to the people who are already registered with a process started, and he (García Villagrán) knows that the law says that they must remain in the federal entity where they started. the request, stressed the official.

Ramírez Silva said that although the issue of the caravan is of great importance, the Comar must deal with a total of 116,512 refugee applications that it has received until November 16.

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