Colorados launch their pro-LUC campaign under the phrase "Don't stop the change"

Colorados launch their pro-LUC campaign under the phrase “Don’t stop the change”

Photo: Colorado Party

Photo: Colorado Party

The Colorado Party wants to add its grain of sand to the campaign for the “No” in the referendum against the 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration, and it did so with the official launch of its own campaign in the Canarian resort of Atlántida, wielding the slogan “Don’t stop the change”.

On March 27, the electorate must vote “Yes” or “No” in the referendum, when they are asked if they agree with repealing the 135 articles questioned by the Broad Front, civil organizations and trade union movements.

Senators Raúl Batlle and Julio María Sanguinetti, the Minister of the Environment, Adrío Peña, the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, and the deputies Gustavo Zubía and Felipe Schipani spoke.

“These flags are the usual ones. We are the secular republicanism of Batlle and Ordoñez. We are the government of the people. We are the freedom of Fructuoso Rivera. We are the defense government. We are humanism. We are those who have not given in, those who do not applaud dictatorships. We are democracy and on March 27 democracy will triumph again,” said Senator and former President Sanguinetti.

The “solutions” of the LUC

According to him, the party “vibrates again” and asserted that the LUC is “a response to the country’s great problems” such as security and education.

“It is a response, an attempted response, to a security crisis situation that was inherited,” argued the former president.

“It had started with 9,000 robberies 15 years ago, and we arrived with 30,000. And well, those regulations that Minister Larrañaga promoted a lot, until today we think that they have helped the Police, that it is linked to the best numbers that are seen, that some of the fears that were had have not occurred, such as the so-called easy trigger ”, he added.

Regarding education, he expressed that it is a subject “postponed” by the COVID-19 pandemic, and he understands that the LUC offers solutions to this.

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