Colorados ask that priority projects of the Cabildo Abierto be discussed after the referendum

The National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Colorado Party confirmed on Monday its willingness to postpone two of the projects that Cabildo Abierto, one of its partners in the government coalition, considers to be a priority for next year.

Under the leadership of the Secretary General and former President Julio María Sanguinetti, The Colorado governing body publicly stated that the initiatives regarding mandatory house arrest for persons over 65 years of age and the reform of the forest land law should be discussed after the referendum is held against 135 articles of the Urgent Consideration law ( LUC), scheduled for March or April 2022.

The party thus subscribed, on the one hand, to Sanguinetti’s position that the project on house arrest should not set a legislative priority for the remainder of this year, as the ex-president had expressed last month when interviewed by El País.

Positioning it also arrives just four days later Cabildo Abierto publicly asked its coalition partners for a definition on this issue, noting that the issue was “dragging on forever.”

Regarding afforestation, the colorados highlighted that in the Executive a decree has been studied and drafted that once again modifies the classification of the lands, “considering the observations that were made about those that did not have forest priority”.

As reported The Observer This Saturday, while Cabildo Abierto hurries the vote on that law – for which it has the support of the Frente Amplio -, whites and colorados warn that it must first know the content of the decrees drawn up by the government, to eventually assess whether it is “Necessary” to move forward with the project.

The decrees specifically concern the Colorado Party since they involve the Ministries of Environment and Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, headed respectively by Adrián Peña and Fernando Mattos, both from the Citizens sector.

The CEN also ratified its position against any legal modification that, in this sense, “Change the rules of the game for a sector that has received large investments and that is projected as the first item of national exports.”

Those led by Manini Ríos raised in the last hours a final offer to white and red with the aim of gathering their votes to approve the project. A consensus that, given the position assumed by El Partido Colorado, will be impossible. Cabildo Abierto has already made it clear that it is willing to promote the project in conjunction with the Frente Amplio.

Yes to the shared tenure project

On the other hand, the Colorados on Monday expressed their willingness to dialogue to reach an agreement on another controversial project: that of shared tenure. It is an initiative that divides the political system, with visions still found within the party itself. In this regard, the community will begin to work on an alternative, prepared by senators Carmen Sanguinetti and Pablo Lanz.

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