Color Vision to Present TV Special with The New York Band

Color Vision to Present TV Special with The New York Band

The New York Band for the world ”, concert presented through streaming on March of this year, by the platform MediaXtreme LLCThis time it will be broadcast on Christmas Eve on the next 24th on Color Vision television at 10:00 pm

The artistic production of the group, led by the interpreter Cherito, now deceased, will review their successes, and constitute a Christmas gift from the television station Color Vision and the musical group, made up of Iris and Franklin, Johnny, Tony, Rubén Ariel and Maité.

In this special installment, the interpreter Alexandra Taveras participates as a guest, who had an outstanding participation in the band, in the 90s.

Audiovisual production, responsibility ofe José Chery Jiménez, under the direction of Carlos Diaz, and the edition by Lorenzo Zayas-Bazán, also includes the special participation of the popular Super Frank, who plays a rap, from one of the Santo Domingo Metro stations.

For more than an hour, the public will enjoy a renewed musical concept, which includes the participation of new members, who pay a well-deserved tribute to the memory of Cherito.

In the television special “The New York Band for the World”, a new version of “Colé” is premiered, now with a new title: “Mamá Doesn’t Want That Yo Colé”, in which its interpreters, Iris and Franklin, they successfully combine the fusion of rap, which they sing along with Ruben Ariel and Maité.

The New York Band, One of the most important tropical groups of the merengue genre of the last decades, offers the public titles such as: “If you are not there”, “If you are my man”, “Give me life”, “Cheap thrills”, “Love in silence “,” Just friends “,” Nobody like you “,” Hear your people, oh God “,” Remember me “and” Dancin mood “, among others.

Tribute to the Typicals

A special segment dedicated to pillars of the typical merengue will lead the public to enjoy the recognition of pillars of the genre, over time.

“Tributo a los Típicos”, brings as a guest accordionist Alex Rodríguez, who joins the band, gives it a tasty typical color. The vocalists sing the music of Nico Lora (San Antonio), Trío Reynoso (El picotiao), Guandilito (Go in peace), El General Larguito (The bad morning).

In the same way, they recognize the contributions of Francisco Ulloa (song of the ax), Arsenio de la Rosa (The bottle of Ramón María), Rafaelito Román (The sad story), King de la Rosa (The blonde and I), El Cieguito de Nagua (The light), Agapito Pascual (The old woman and her pipe), Ricardo Guitérrez (A sobar el pompo), El Prodigio (The Saying), Yovanny Polanco (Divine love) and the closing with music of the typical merenguera Fefita La Grande ( Let’s speak English), and an instrumental dedicated to Tatico Henriquez with (Las Siete Pasadas).

For next year

In January 2022, The New York Band will premiere a new song, which will be part of its next record production, and with it it is preparing to resume the stages, after stopping its schedule, as a result of the pandemic.

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