Colonization analyzes technical report that involves Manini in irregularities

The leader of Cabildo Abierto, Guido Manini Rios; the housing minister, Irene Moreira; and his father, Roque Moreiraexplode in Artigas 4,350 hectares and 2,856 are covered by Law 11,029 that created the National Colonization Institute (INC)concluded an inspection carried out by the agency, and which was informed by Search this Friday.

Manini Ríos quoted the news from the weekly and affirmed that it is “yet another lie” that has political intentions. in your account Twitter, explained that Roque Moreira “bought the property more than 51 years ago and was never a settler.” Irene Moreira, who is also the wife of the lobbyist leader, supported that publication instantly, through a I like.

He attributed that “the report was ordered to be made ‘to measure’ by the director of the INC’s MPP, Andres Berterrecheto dirty the court before the referendum”. The Front Amplista (MPP) hierarch in the institution denied having to do with the inspection and affirmed that it is an issue “of the institute”, in dialogue with MVD News (Tv City).

Berterreche clarified that the inspectors “are neutrals from the political point of view” and that “they have nothing to do” with intentions.

From the agency it was stated that the results of that inspection are confidential and that they were derived for the analysis of the legal advice. This was reported to The Observer Julio Cardozo, president of the INC. The objective will be to clear all the legal aspects, especially the modifications that the regulations have had.

As Cardozo explained, the key is the interpretation of Law 11,029 that created the INC, which, he said, has had many changes and has even generated different legal visions.

“We cannot approve something like this behind closed doors, which comes with so many interpretations of changes in the laws over time,” he added.

Cardozo recalled that both Manini and Irene Moreira are not settlerssince, when they acquired the property at the time, they were considered outside the scope of the law and unaffected by the INC.

The law 11,029 indicates that there are “affected settlers” and “qualified settlers”, those who are outside the obligations of the norm, despite having bought a field from the INC. Among other things, they are not required to reside in the countryside.

That is, said Cardozo, what the senator and the minister argue. “In no way can we accept an inspection at face value. We studied it”, he exposed. The definition will be taken by the Institute’s Board of Directors.

The hierarch considered the inspection’s “leakage” a “serious fault”, and determined an administrative investigation to determine the disclosure of information that, he reiterated, is confidential.

News in development.

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