Colombians will not need a visa to enter Morocco

Colombians will not need a visa to enter Morocco

As of November 28, 2021, Colombians will not need a visa to travel to Morocco.

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This was reported by the vice president and foreign minister, Marta Lucía Ramírez, after her meeting with the Moroccan foreign minister, Nasser Bourita.

This benefit for Colombians is framed in the Visa Exemption Agreement for Ordinary Passports.

Ramírez stressed that the entry into force of this agreement demonstrates not only the excellent state of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Morocco and its character as strategic partner in Africa, but the confidence that more and more countries have in Colombia when opening the doors of their territories.

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He also pointed out the benefits in tourism and business for both Moroccan and Colombian citizens.

We want Morocco to be Colombia’s gateway to Africa, but also Latin America’s gateway to that continent. We want a closer relationship between Latin America and Africa, with the leadership of Morocco and Colombia”, He asserted.

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With this agreement, Morocco becomes the first African country to exempt Colombians from visas.

Both Ramírez and Bourita reiterated the importance of strengthening mechanisms that allow the expansion and diversification of trade between the two countries, as well as the investment possibilities, business development, the generation of public-private alliances, and the facilitation of market access.

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They also considered it important to work together on issues such as non-conventional renewable energy, infrastructure, development of the space industry, migration phenomena, the fight against corruption and the fight against drugs.


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