Colombia, with a moderate risk of corruption in the defense sector

Colombia, with a moderate risk of corruption in the defense sector

62% of the world’s countries have a high or critical risk of corruption in defense and security areas, as revealed by the Government Defense Integrity Index 2020 (GDI) prepared by the NGO Transparency International (TI).

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The GDI assesses the existence, effectiveness, and application of institutional controls in five key defense corruption risk areas (financial, operational, personnel, policy, and procurement).

In addition, it provides data on the performance of governments on a variety of corruption issues, including military operations and arms trading, Berlin-based TI said.

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This report assesses 86 countries and gives them a rating that is framed on a scale with a range of scores ranging from category A, with a very low risk of corruption, a the Ccategory F, critical risk of corruption.

Thus, 62% of the countries in all regions of the world have obtained a score of 49/100 or lower, which indicates that they are within the ranges that go from high risk to critical risk of corruption in the sector. of defense.

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Among the countries with high to critical risk of corruption are all the Latin American nations evaluated, with the exception of Brazil and Colombia, highlighting especially the cases of Venezuela and Mexico.

Specifically from Colombia, the rating is moderate and the report says that “the risk of corruption is moderate in the defense sector. Institutional resistance to corruption is strongest in personnel management and finances, while the country’s anti-corruption safeguards for operations are relatively strong. However, limited external scrutiny of policymaking and procurement and, in general, low transparency undermine governance standards and increase the risk of corruption“.

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New Zealand is the country that has achieved the best score, with 85/100, while Sudan, where the military has recently seized power through a coup, it has obtained the lowest rating, with only 5/100.

According to this report, countries that score low on this index have weak or non-existent controls against corruption in the defense sector and are more likely to experience conflict, instability and human rights abuses.

(If you want to see the full report, you can do it here).


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