Colombia will reinforce security with Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela

Colombia will reinforce security with Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela

Colombian Interior Minister Alfonso Prada said in a statement in Bogotá following a security council meeting that there will be contact between defense ministers and force commanders from Colombia and its neighboring countries to address security issues.

The Government of Colombia announced this Monday, November 28, that it will reinforce security in the border regions with the help of its neighbors —Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela—, with whom it will make a “cutting of accounts” every three months.

“We have established contact with the countries on the border because we noticed an activity that we are going to combat with our forces, but also with the international collaboration of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Panama,” said the Minister of the Interior, alfonso prada.

The spokesman for the government of President Gustavo Petro revealed in a statement in Bogotá after a security council that there will be contact between the defense ministers and the force commanders of Colombia and its neighboring countries to address security problems.

“We will make account cuts with balance, analysis, prospective, planning of operations every three months with the authorities of neighboring countries. These are international criminal processes, hence the importance that not only Colombia (…) has the possibility of achieving satisfactory results, but that international collaboration within this activity is essential, “he added.

Crisis in Putumayo

The department of Putumayo, on the border with Peru and Ecuador, is experiencing a crisis after a confrontation between FARC dissidents that left 18 dead and anxiety in the region.

Defense Minister Iván Velásquez confirmed last week that the confrontation between a group —known as the “Border Commandos” against another that calls itself the “Carolina Ramírez Front”— left 18 dead and occurred in the Las Delicias and Los Pinos hamlets, from the municipality of Puerto Guzmán.

Along these lines, Minister Prada announced the transfer of six Army platoons, made up of 400 soldiers and officers, who will be “in charge of operations and full control of the territory, increasing the way in which we will intercept all illegal behavior both territorially and by river.” ».

Likewise, he revealed that since August 7, when Petro assumed the Presidency, “130 people in Putumayo” have been detained for criminal activities.

“About 720 laboratories have been dismantled that have hit the structure and infrastructure hard and are trafficking drugs and sowing terror in the territory,” he added.

According to InSight Crime, the Border Commandos, or La Mafia, as they were previously known, are a group made up of FARC dissidents and demobilized members of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) paramilitaries seeking to maintain control over drug trafficking in lower Putumayo and the border with Ecuador.

The Carolina Ramírez Front, also called the One Front, is made up of dissidents from the same guerrilla group that did not accept the peace agreement signed in 2016.

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