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Colombia, to reduce costs with satellite agreements with Luxembourg

Colombia, to reduce costs with satellite agreements with Luxembourg

As part of his official tour of four European countries, the President Ivan Duke met this Thursday in Luxembourg with Steve Collar, the CEO of the European Satellite Society (SES), in order to manage Colombia’s access to satellite services uniformly and that allow the country to reduce the fiscal cost for that concept.

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Colombia spends many resources on satellite services that are dispersed in individual contracts, which are made by different agencies with international providers”, highlighted the president.

According to Duque, it is starting to “work and explore possibilities”, so that the European nation can offer Colombia access to more satellite information, and thus bridge the digital divide in the country.

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The SES has 70 satellites in two different orbits, has a network of intelligent ground infrastructure and transmits 8,500 television and radio channels to more than one billion viewers around the world. In the country, the firm created a subsidiary and is developing infrastructure in rural areas of the country in order to support the National Government to close the digital divide.

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President Duque also highlighted that the visit to Luxembourg aims to unify that duchy with Colombia through multiple bilateral technological cooperation efforts.

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