Seis de los siete máximos anotadores del torneo Apertura son de Colombia, futbolistas que han buscado en el país centroamericano un lugar donde brillar.

Colombia sweeps El Salvador with goals

After 15 disputed dates the giant alliance dominate the championship in The Savior with four points of advantage over the second classified, FAS, all this despite the defeat in the last game against Firpo. The leader has in his squad as a great figure the top scorer of the tournament, veteran Duvier Riascos, 35 years old and born in Colombia. Six of the next seven classified in the scorers table were also born in the coffee country.

The SelectaAs the Salvadoran national team is known, it has grown in recent years and much of the competitive growth is due to the arrival of foreign players to the local championship. In the case of Riascos, after going around the world in a career that has led him to China, Mexico, Brazil or Bolivia among other countries. Now in alliance he has scored 10 goals in 12 games with two hat-tricks with which he has won over his new fans.

John machado and Lewis Peralta, both also Colombians, add eight goals in the Opening. The first of them, 28, plays for Jocoro, which ranks fifth in the table. In his case, he is a footballer who is already settled in The Savior, where he has played on various teams throughout his career. Peralta, meanwhile, lives its second season in the FAS after having played in Argentina, Cyprus or Peru. This season he has already achieved the best numbers of his career with a good part of the season left to play.

The Trinidadian also accumulates eight goals Jomal Williams, the only one who dares to bother the Colombian domain, because with seven targets it appears Juan Delgado, who with his goals keeps Platense in a worthy seventh place. On Chalatenango play Bladimir Diaz, another Colombian who has developed his career between The Savior and Guatemala and he already has six goals in this tournament. The same figure accumulates Edgar Medrano, which is on the way to surpassing the seven achieved last season in Eleven Sports.

The Colombian leadership in the league of The Savior it is overwhelming and curious in equal measure. A destination for footballers who seek to be important in their clubs and stand out in a country where football is growing at full speed.

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