Colombia invests $655 billion in 30 airports

Colombia invests $655 billion in 30 airports

The Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics has advanced works in 30 air terminals of the country to guarantee the provision of the service. In them, the National Government invests more than $655 billion.

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In the case of the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, three projects are being carried out for $144,295 million. The first consists of carrying out the rehabilitation of the southern runway and routine maintenance of the airside areas of the airport, for a value of $74,070 million; the second project is the completion of the Lima taxiway, construction of the box culvert (overpass) and complementary works for $66,775 million; The third project consists of carrying out the integral maintenance of the search and rescue service, the control tower and the Aeronautical Management Center, which has a value of $3,449 million.

The works in Bogotá will be delivered approximately in the months of June and July.
On the other hand, at the Popayán air terminal, Guillermo León Valencia, $58,113 million are being injected into two projects, one for construction and the other for maintenance. In the first, the airport terminal and apron are being built for $56,957 million. In the second work, the maintenance of the infrastructure is being carried out, it is on the air side and on the ground side. These works are stipulated to be delivered between the months of June and July of this year.

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On the other hand, in the northeast of the country, in Nuqui-Chocó, at the Reyes Murillo air terminal Improvements are being made, such as the extension of the runway, the adaptation of security strips and maintenance on the ground and air side. This project, which is due for delivery in August, will have a total investment of $57,443 million.

Now, in Pasto, at the Antonio Nariño airport, a modernization project is being carried out where $51,350 million of the $56,350 million budgeted for the work have been invested. According to the Civil Aeronautics, 89,587 square meters of runway and 177,062 square meters of security zones have been rehabilitated.
Among the pending actions are the drainage works and routine maintenance of the airside and landside areas, which will be completed by the month of September.


In the case of the department of Guajira, at the Almirante Padilla de Riohacha airport, the rehabilitation of the runway is being carried out and taxiway, in addition to the adaptation of security zones and construction of the drainage system and routine maintenance. This work should be completed by the month of August and will have an investment of $42,275 million.

In the department of Cesar, in Valledupar, at the Alfonso López Pumarejo airport In the same way as in La Guajira, there will be works to rehabilitate the runway and taxiway, adaptation of channels and security zones. This project will have $28,924 million and should be completed by August.

Following this line, in department of Magdalena Several projects are being carried out at different airports. In the case of Santa Marta, $1,150 million were earmarked for maintenance of the Simón Bolívar airport, which should be completed in July. In Plato -Magdalena, where the Las Mercedes air terminal is located, phase II of the concrete lining of the channels is being carried out there, as well as maintenance on the airside and landside for a value of $1,099 million.

In addition, to the airport of Magangué Bolívar, Baracoa$1,446 million were allocated for works, in which the construction of phase II of the access road must be carried out, as well as urban planning and maintenance and must be ready for the month of July.

In addition to the works that should be completed in 2022, studies and designs are being carried out for the construction of the Rescue and Fire Extinction (SEI) base in the cities of La Guajira, Cesar and Bolívar. This project will have a value of $1,114 million and should be completed by the month of May.


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