Colombia enters the trend of requiring the vaccination card

Colombia enters the trend of requiring the vaccination card

After 20 months since the coronavirus arrived in Colombia and 8 months and 19 days after starting the National Vaccination Plan, the country will begin to demand the Vaccination card covid-19 so that citizens over 18 years of age can enter any leisure event that involves crowding, and thus can be sure of the certainty that the attendees who are inside are vaccinated.

The measure, for now, is mandatory within massive events such as concerts, fairs and places such as restaurants, bars, gastrobars, cinemas, discos, dance venues, concerts, casinos, bingo halls, or stadiums, amusement and theme parks or museums.

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Nevertheless, it will be constantly evaluated for its expansion.

In fact, the local determination explained in Decree 1408 of November 3, 2021, is not new in the world. Last March the European Union had raised the requirement to enter their countries with a list of approved vaccines, thus closing doors to those who were not immunized with the same biologics. Even some nations such as Germany or Spain had imposed measures such as quarantines.

In the case of USA, Among the travel requirements, the country has required negative tests to enter and in addition to this, several states, such as New York and California, have their own digital applications, to follow the vaccination record data to travel and also to access closed places . They also accept the same certificate for access to restaurants, bars and some cultural activities.

Switzerland, It was one of the first countries to adopt this measure and last month it requested that all tourists who are not from the European Union and the Schengen area register to obtain a health pass so that they can enter places such as restaurants, hotels, bars , discos, cafes, shops with food courts or gyms, swimming pools, dance studios and yoga rooms.

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The measure that has served in different parts of the world to resume the life they had before the pandemic, in Colombia its first objective is to meet the goal of vaccinating 70% of Colombians. The idea of ​​the Ministry of Health is also to achieve a safe economic reactivation and to avoid the seriousness of a fourth peak.

We want all crowded places to be safer so that if a Colombian, for example, goes to a movie theater, he can rest assured that everyone inside is vaccinated and can take off his mask.”, Explained the Director of Promotion and Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gerson Bermont.

In Colombia they have distributed 56,887,044 doses of vaccines.


In Colombia, 56,887,044 doses of vaccines have been distributed, of which 48,061,615 have been applied, but only there are 21,682,604 complete vaccination schedules. The country lacks 5.7 million Colombians who apply the first dose.

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In February there were 135,982 doses applied; in March, 2,107,410; in April, 2,743,079; in May, 5’105,651; in June, 8’189.621. July was the month with the highest vaccination with 9,242,634 doses applied; in August, 8,021,788; in September, 5’159.042 and in October, 6’698.856.

The companies that have also been part of the plan have applied 1,349,363 doses. In addition, instructions have been given from the Government to be able to go to be vaccinated within the framework of working hours.

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Let’s get vaccinated en bloc, as a family, all family members who have not been vaccinated, we go to the vaccination point”Bermont said, emphasizing that if there is a peak in the disease in the country, it would be preferable if it were cases and not deaths.

In this sense, facing the season at the end of the year, when interactions increase, the call is for vaccination because “there is a need for family protection, which is very important in this intergenerational relationship and with the reactivation of spaces it is very important to take care of this transmission at home”, He specified.

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