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Colombia ‘drowned’: 268 dead, capital cities collapsed and the rural area in serious crisis due to the rains

Rains leave more than 900 municipalities flooded, national roads with landslides and destruction, Colombia is ‘drowned’.

Rains leave more than 900 municipalities flooded, national highways with landslides and destruction, and highways in rural areas that have disappeared. There are more than 200 people who have died in an unusual winter year in Colombia, which is ‘drowned’.

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24 of the 32 departments in Public Calamity, and more than 600 municipalities; including capital cities, in emergency, because the rains leave floods, landslides, destruction of bridges and roads in Colombia.

From La Guajira to Amazonas; the Pacific and the center of the country passing through capital cities the winter wave has been inclemte.

Are more than 721 thousand people affected; their neighborhoods and houses flooded, their belongings swept away by rising rivers or landslides.

There are more than seven months of unusual rains in the country.

There are 268 dead; 281 people have been injured and 53 have been reported missing.

Attention to the crisis

The situation in Colombia is already so serious that the national government announced three immediate measures to deal with this winter wave.

A few days ago, President Gustavo Petro himself had announced measures and economic resources

A crisis room will be installed that will meet 24/7 in the Risk Management Unit; a Unified Command Post (PMU) to permanently monitor the crisis room and there will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Risk Attention Fund this Tuesday.

That meeting seeks to “approve budget allocations and prioritization of resources in attention to hunger, delivery of aid, temporary and permanent relocation, among others,” reported from the Presidency.

so they have been the reports in different parts of the country:

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