Colombia and Venezuela refine border opening with ministerial meetings

Colombia and Venezuela refine border opening with ministerial meetings

Amid the expectation for the reopening of the border between Colombia and Venezuela and the announcement of President Gustav Petro to attend the border to supervise the day, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduroremains unconfirmed whether or not he will be at the border September 26.

During a meeting with mayors, Nicolás Maduro assured that there will be “a very exciting moment for the Colombian people and for the Venezuelan people” at the border. without giving clues of his assistance to the area. The Venezuelan president stressed that during the week before the reopening there will be several meetings of different ministries of both countries.

Maduro explained that the first meeting will be with the Colombian Minister of Transport, Guillermo Reyes, who is visiting Venezuela, on Wednesday there will be a videoconference between the Ministers of Commerce and Economy of both countries with the Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and in the following days there will also be contacts between the defense ministers.

The president thanked Gustavo Petro for the steps he has taken to normalize the border flow and added that Venezuela is also currently taking key steps “to move towards where we should go, and where we should go? total, absolute and free opening of the entire border between Colombia and Venezuela.

“Coordinations are already taking place for joint security plans, to combat border criminal gangs. We are coordinating all the security details so that this first step that we are going to take on Monday is an auspicious step (…) when all the security and viability conditions are guaranteed. Let’s go towards that goal”, concluded Maduro.

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