Colo Colo gives the first blow to Internacional in the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana

The Chilean Colo Colo posted a clear 2-0 win over a lackluster Internacional de Porto Alegrein a match played on Tuesday night in Santiago for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana-2022.

With the goals of the Argentine strikers Juan Martín Lucero at 12 minutes and Pablo Solari at 55, Colo Colo connects the first blow of the key against the Brazilian Inter.

Solid in defense and midfield, spicy up front, Colo Colo put out his best face to emerge victorious in a match that started evenly but that opted in favor of the Chileans who took advantage of Inter’s doubts, which showed little football mainly from the middle up.

The key between Brazilians and Chileans It will be decided next Tuesday when Inter hosts Colo Colo in Porto Alegre.

– The first strike –

Colo Colo and Inter encouraged a balanced start to the game with arrivals from both teams, such as the Brazilian Pedro Henrique’s shot at the post in the Colocolino goal, and the header of the Chilean César Fuentes that goalkeeper Daniel bagged a few meters away.

A ball from Fuentes himself left the defense of Colorado in a bad position, which allowed the Uruguayan naturalized Peruvian Gabriel Costa, get hold of the ball, touch it and leave only the Argentine Juan Martín Lucero toagainst goalkeeper Daniel, to send her to the back of the net and score the first goal.

The goal was highly celebrated by at least 10,000 people who arrived at the Monumental stadium, a number much lower than its capacity due to the capacity restrictions that Chile still applies due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The goal dislodged the Porto Alegre team who failed to assert his game on the field and lacked answers to hit the tie.

– The goal of the ‘Pibe’ –

The second half began locked, with blows to each other, little clarity, until it was taken by the young star of Colo Colo, Pablo ‘el Pibe’ Solari.

In a locked ball, Solari, 21, stole the ball and after beating two rivals He entered the Brazilian area to beat goalkeeper Daniel with a shot to the left of the goal, making it 2-0, a result for many that was unexpected.

Inter had achieved the discount almost at the end of the match, but a hand of Edenilson in a previous play warned by the VARled the Argentine referee Patricio Loustau to annul the goal.

The 2-0 against leaves the Brazilian team against the ropes, Colo Colo hopes to confirm his good walk in the rematch.

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