College of Engineers estimates possible economic recovery by the end of 2022

College of Engineers estimates possible economic recovery by the end of 2022

Betancourt commented that engineers and architects earn more than the table prepared by the College recently, emphasizing that recent graduates receive salaries of at least 500 dollars. He asked that the political dialogue be restored in order to allow the development of the country

The president of the College of Engineers of Venezuela, Enzo Betancourt, stated that they handle information that indicates that an economic recovery will be registered in the country by the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, a fact that he underlined as positive since “the development of a country it goes hand in hand with the development of engineers, architects and the like».

In an interview broadcast by Televen This Sunday, July 17, Betancourt indicated that the month of June 2022 was “totally different” from the same month of 2021 and believes that an upward curve is felt in several aspects and that in other sectors of the country it is evident in a similar way.

He stated that engineers continue to work in the country, 90% of them in their companies and independent work while the remaining 10% are those who work as employees of the public administration. He indicated that a tabulator was recently approved in the College of Engineers that goes from 400 to 1,740 dollars; according to the years of experience and preparation.

Betancourt pointed out that there are currently companies that pay engineers much more than what the table says. He said he had information that recent graduates are being paid at least 500 dollars in several companies and even the salary can reach 1,200 dollars.

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During the interview, Enzo Betancourt emphasized the need to restore political dialogue between all sectors of the country to allow the country’s development, a fact that in his opinion is essential for the development and establishment of democracy. He recognized that although all the 33 Venezuelans inside and outside the country may not think the same, there are meeting points for development, progress and the economy.

However, he is concerned because no intentions of sitting down to talk have yet been seen and in this sense, he stressed that the faster they reach an agreement in Venezuela, the faster progress will be made.

He recognized that, although the training of engineers, architects and the like is maintained with quality in Venezuela and many young people between 20 and 21 years of age enroll in the College, there is a decrease in students in these careers because of 100 students who enrolled in 2018 ; now only 25% of them do.

In his opinion, one of the factors that affects students abandoning the degree in the middle of training is due to the country’s economic situation, but he hopes that with the eventual economic recovery this situation will be reversed. He said that although this situation is recorded, engineering and architecture are still attractive to students and that without their presence, there can be no development.

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