Collection of school supplies for children orphaned by femicides begins

Collection of school supplies for children orphaned by femicides begins

The Dina Carrión Foundation (DCF) announced, for the sixth consecutive year, the start of its “Back to School 2022” campaign, which consists of the collection of school supplies, uniforms and footwear for orphaned children and adolescents by femicides in Nicaragua.

This year the campaign seeks to benefit 121 children and adolescents, among these 25 minors whom it attends socio-educationally and psychologically. The organization indicated that the goal this year is “to be able to provide at least the backpack with all its school supplies” to 96 children and adolescents, children of the 66 women who were victims of femicide so far this year, according to data from the Observatory National of Femicides of Catholics for the Right to Decide of Nicaragua.

Collection of school supplies or cash donations starts this December 14 and ends on January 15, 2022. Deliveries of school packages will be made before January 24, 2022.

Each complete school package, according to the Foundation, consists of: a backpack with its school supplies (notebooks, pencils, glue, geometric case, scissors, etc.); three uniforms (skirt / pants and shirts); a pair of black shoes; three pairs of socks; a pair of tennis shoes; and three pairs of socks.

Aida Carrión, founder of DCF, encouraged those who wish to donate to come closer, because, she exemplifies, they have had people who carry a box of pencils and “everything counts” to help children and adolescents, children of women victims of femicide, who they do not have state support.

The organization called on Nicaraguan private companies to join in supporting all these minors to have the resources to continue their studies. They indicated that those who decide to give a contribution will be able to place the logo of their company in the banner advertising of the activity and will be mentioned on the day of delivery, if so requested.

Individuals or companies wishing to donate can do so by calling the Nicaraguan volunteers at +505 8936-6603 and +505 8786-3582. The organization will also receive cash donations through the Cash app a $ dcfoundation and in Pay Pal from the website of the DCF.

Fundación Dina Carrión, since 2017, has been delivering school packages to orphans due to femicides and denouncing the lack of state protection in which they find themselves. Annually, through the “Back to School” campaign, they have benefited more than 50 minors from Mateare, Ciudad Sandino, El Crucero, Tipitapa, Masaya and Managua.

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