Collado: Dominican tourism will end strong this 2022

Collado: Dominican tourism will end strong this 2022

“The teaurism will finish strong during the year 2022,” according to david colladothe highest authority in the sector.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) 30,000 foreigners arrived at the Dominican Republic. We are going for almost 700,000 (December), and in the next few days we will have full reservations in all the hotels in the country”, indicated the head of the Tourism portfolio.

Collado spoke in those terms when he offered the details of the meeting that the Tourism Cabinet on safety matter.

“The Tourism Cabinet In terms of security, he held a meeting this morning (yesterday), where we are taking all the measures for this closing of the year in the different tourist poles and, also, making an analysis of the first 29 days of this month of December in the different tourist poles”, he indicated.

“The news we have is that there is no incident with tourists with the theme of assault and crime throughout the country. We do not have any incidents at airports with tourists, ”he assured.

They reinforce the tourist poles

Collado notified that the President of the Republic, Luis Abinaderrequested that the tourist poles and also the road part in the remainder of December.

“It has been a meeting of more than an hour, where we have spent a positive balanceand tourism will end strong this month of December and we will also reach a record figure for the entire year”, he pointed out.

In the meeting participated headlines from:

  • Central Directorate of Tourism Police (political), General Minoru Matsunaga.
  • General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (Digestett), Brigadier General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta.
  • Policeman National, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then.
  • National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), Vice Admiral José Miguel Cabrera Ulloa.
  • Specialized Corps in Airport Security and Civil Aviation, Colonel Floreal Suárez.

“Different countries have asked us for the model of this Tourism Cabinet. I believe that in the last 30 years there has not been a minister of Tourism met with the high military commands and this is not the first time we have done it,” he said.

About a meeting you recently had with the Department of State of the United States, reported that it was to follow up on the subject of the treaty of Open skies which, by instructions of the President of the Republic, the Dominican Republic intends to sign at the beginning of 2023.

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