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Cipriani affirmed that the CTI in Colonia will continue to function

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Cipriani affirmed that the CTI in Colonia will continue to function

This Friday, December 30, Dr. Sebastián Olaverri took over as Director of the Colonia Hospital, which will have Dr. Ramón Barbot as Deputy Director.

On the occasion, the President of ASSEDr. Leonardo Cipriani, was emphatic in stating that the CTI of Cologne is budgeted and that 55 positions that make up the organization’s structure were generated.

Therefore, the fall in contracts due to the Covid fund will not affect the operation of the service, given that nursing staff, graduates and service assistants have already competed and that the call to fill six highly dedicated medical positions is already underway. in which at this moment there are fifteen professionals in competition.

Consulted by the media about the forms of the same, he said that the court is made up of the corresponding people: a delegate from the Hospital, another from the union, in this case Femi and central ASSE. He maintained that the figure of the veedor does not necessarily have to be there, but that in this case he estimated that there are other situations and interests.

He stressed that this administration received the Hospital with a very good physical plant but as a shell in terms of services.

In this sense, he said that the CTI was installed, it went from 315 to 475 officials and the care center was reactivated in many services that were not fully fulfilled, such as the Surgical Block.

A molecular biology laboratory was also created and imaging is being strengthened.


As for medicines, in 2019 30 million was invested and now 49 million pesos.

He added that a few days ago another anesthetist was budgeted and that in the first half of 2023 a SAME 105 base and a tomograph will be installed.

The hierarch highlighted the trajectory of the new Director, Dr. Sebastián Olaverri, who was Director of the Sarandí del Yi Auxiliary Center and joined the team of the Durazno Primary Care Network: “He knows how to manage and be,” said Cipriani.

He also had words of appreciation for the Deputy Director, Dr. Ramón Barbot, who recently held the Directorship on an interim basis, after the resignation of Dr. Gustavo Fernández for personal reasons, whom he thanked for his work. In the same way, Cipriani appreciated the work of the Hospital officials.

At the inauguration ceremony, Olaverri expressed that his commitment is to permanent work, while Barbot alluded to the formation of a solid management team.

Also participating in the activity were the Secretary General (i) of the Municipality, Jorge Torres, the Health Department Director of the MSP, María Alejandra Torres, the Director representing Users in the ASSE Board of Directors, Natalia Pereyra, the Deputy to the Hospital Management, Laura Díaz Orsi, the Director of the Western Region of ASSE, Marianella Mures, Directors of other Executing Units, the Users Commission, officials and legislators, among other representatives of organizations and active forces.

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