COB delivers specifications to the Government: asks for an increase of 7% to the basic and 10% to the national minimum

COB delivers specifications to the Government: asks for an increase of 7% to the basic and 10% to the national minimum

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The executive secretary of the Central Obrera Bolivia (COB), Juan Carlos Huarachi, delivered this Thursday the 2022 petition to President Luis Arce, which includes his request for a salary increase for this year of 7% for the basic salary and 10 % for the national minimum.

“This year to workers at the national level we are proposing a wage increase of 7% to the national basic wage and 10% to the national minimum wage. It is the proposal that we are making for the 2022 salary increase, ”said the leader in a joint conference with President Arce and his cabinet of ministers, in the new Government Palace.

He added that the proposal includes an inversely proportional increase and in this way help the workers who were affected by the alleged coup denounced by the MAS and by the pandemic, who are now workers who are reactivating the industries and companies in the country.

After receiving the specifications from the COB, Arce stated that it will be evaluated by the different government agencies.

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“We know that there are many needs, we know that there are many demands, we are going to operate in the commissions that have been mentioned, the commissions that will be put into operation, attend and respond from the national government to the statement that we received today from the COB,” he indicated. the mandatary.

He indicated that they are convinced that dialogue and this type of meeting will allow reaching agreements and serving the country’s working class, which is an important sector.

In 2021, inflation closed with an index of 0.90%, less than 1%. In March 2021, the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Bolivia signed the Fiscal Financial Program, in which inflation was projected to close that year at a rate of 2.6%.

While in 2020 that indicator only reached 0.67%, a year marked by the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the results of that year, the Government ordered that by 2021 there be an increase of 2% only to the national minimum wage and the basic salary was frozen.

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