Coastal girl: Enfen launches alert for persistence of "negative anomalies" in sea surface temperature

Coastal girl: Enfen launches alert for persistence of “negative anomalies” in sea surface temperature

The ENFEN Multisectoral Commission issued this Monday the “Coastal La Niña Alert”, “due to the persistent negative anomalies of the sea surface temperature above the threshold of −1.0 °C in the Niño 1+2 region, which includes the northern and central zone of the Peruvian sea”.

Therefore it states asvery likely” that this condition is maintained during February, reaching a weak magnitude. “This condition is expected to continue affecting the behavior of air temperatures in the coastal strip and limiting the normalization of rains in much of the western slope.”, the statement read.

They add that the presence of the La Niña event of weak magnitude in the central Pacific is expected to continue until the beginning of autumn 2022.

It is also reported that the climate forecast for the February-April 2022 quarter indicates rainy conditions below normal on the north coast -without ruling out localized events of short-term moderate rains, mainly between February and March- as well as favorable rainy conditions. above normal in much of the Andean zone and jungle of the country.

Effects on fishing

It is also stated that “From a biological point of view, it is expected that anchovy schools will remain in areas near the coast and that straddling resources such as horse mackerel, bonito and mackerel will continue to be available as a result of seasonality, and to the extent that Subtropical Surface Waters ( ASS) continue to be projected towards the coast”.

The Coastal La Niña, also called the Coastal La Niña Phenomenon, is a climatological event that consists of the anomalous cooling of the waters of the equatorial Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of the South American coasts, which implies that it affects the climate of countries such as Peru and eventually from Ecuador.


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