Coalition will launch a special campaign for the No on Women’s Day, Iturralde said

The feminist organizations objected to the decision of the PIT-CNT to carry out a general strike with activities against the law of urgent consideration on March 8, considering that the focus should be elsewhere in that commemoration. Now it is the multicolored coalition that has declared that it will campaign that day. The president of the National Party, Pablo Iturralde, indicated that they will campaign through social networks.

The main objective, he said, it will be to mark “the rigidity that this law has with the violators”. “On March 8 there will be a strike based on the defense of the Yes. We say that if the Yes wins, the penalties for rapists will be lightened. We have to be communicating very strongly,” he developed.

The discontent of the Feminist Intersocial with the PIT-CNT caused the representative table of the trade union center to set a new instance to review the decision, which will take place next Tuesday. The Police Union (Sifpom) publicly requested that the issue be discussed again.

What does the LUC say about the penalties for rapists?

The LUC increased the penalty for rape and sexual abuse. While the first crime went from having a sentence ranging from two to ten years, to having, according to Law No. 19,889, from four to 16 years, in the second it went from a minimum of eight months in prison to maximum six years in prison a minimum of two years in prison and a maximum of twelve years in prison. Especially aggravated sexual abuse kept its two-year minimum, but increased its maximum sentence from twelve to 16 years.

This article is not included in the 135 articles that are to be repealed. The one that is included is 86, which excludes those who commit rape and sexual abuse from the regimen of reducing sentences for work or study, as well as those who commit drug crimes, especially aggravated and very especially aggravated homicide, hijacking and kidnapping.

The penalist Germán Aller explained some time ago to The Observer that the LUC imposed the preceptivity (compulsory nature) of preventive detention in this type of crimes at the time of imputation, when before the judge “had possibilities” to impose other preventive measures. “Now there is no other option”, reaffirmed. For his colleague Pedro Montano, this change sought “to prevent the accused from taking reprisals against the victim”but stated that the LUC “didn’t do things right” on the legal plane because “the guarantees that the defendant’s defense has are zero.”

Other articles in conflict are those that provide for increased penalties for minors. In its previous version – legislated in art. 91 of the Childhood and Adolescence Code of 09/07/2004—it was determined that the longest time that an adolescent who committed serious crimes could be imprisoned was five years. The LUC increased it to a maximum of 10 years for those who commit the crimes of: aggravated and especially aggravated intentional homicide, rape and especially aggravated sexual abuse. This proposal had been raised by the current MPP senator Eduardo Bonomi when he was Minister of the Interior and was discarded by the Broad Front.

The women of the ruling party questioned “politicization of 8M”

National Party sources told The Observer that the vice president Beatrice Argimon She understands that the political discussion “distorted” the day of women’s demands and for that reason she prefers not to participate in this opportunity, contrary to what she had been doing in previous years.

In addition, from the Argimón environment they assured that for the Vice President of the Republic the decision promoted by the PIT-CNT generates “a lot of partisanship” in an instance that does not have such objectives. Last week, in statements to Telemundo, Argimón had slipped that “it would be good” for the trade union center to change its position, on the understanding that 8M should be “an instance of reflection.”

the red senator Carmen Sanguinetti spoke along the same lines as the vice president and assured The Observer days ago that “probably” will not march in this 2022. “The demands of women should be above anything political-partisan,” said the legislator, who described the union initiative as “a huge mistake” that shows “myopia giant”.

the senator Grace Bianchi (National Party) and the deputy Maria Eugenia Rosello (Colorado Party) will not participate in any case because, as they stated, they do not agree with the way in which the demands are carried out.

Grace Guido, referent of the Josefa Oribe Center -which brings together different women from the white community-, also lamented the decision of the PIT-CNT and described it as “in very bad taste” and “most unpleasant”. The Herrerista leader, who is also a member of the Directory of the National Party, told The Observer that in these circumstances neither she nor another group of white leaders will march down 18 de Julio Avenue on March 8.

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