CMIC Puebla calls to modify the public works law

CMIC Puebla calls to modify the public works law

Puebla, Pue. The state Congress requires modifications to the public works law to give more agility to tenders and reduce procedures to start projects, which are delayed by bureaucracy.

Hector Sanchez Moraleslocal president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC)explained that it is urgently required to make these modifications to give dynamism to the projects, especially now that the economy is in a recovery process, which is slow.

Although the tenders of the state government continue to come out, they are slow and of smaller amounts, for which the paperwork in contracts must be reduced, because a month is lost in this process to start the projects.

He said that at the time they raised the issue to the Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta so that modifications to the Public Works Law are promoted, which is in the hands of the state Congress, but an initiative can be sent by the Executive branch.

He indicated that the procedures after the failure of a tender are usually cumbersome, because physically you have to take the documentation to the corresponding area to make the contract, when that process could be digitized and save time to do the work in the corresponding term.

“There should no longer be so much bureaucracy in reviewing the progress of the work or in the contracts themselves, since that will help the economy to reactivate a little more, added to the fact that the cost catalogs have to be reviewed, because that it also delays projects,” he reiterated.

Sanchez Morales He called on local deputies to take the initiative to see how to help builders, since this sector contributes to the economy and generates jobs throughout the year through public and private works.

The leader pointed out that the red tape is not the fault of the state government either, because that is the law, which means that the tenders go out slowly.

return on investment

He considered that the construction sector should seek to invest in private projects for the remainder of the year in order not to go bankrupt and for there to be a balance in the activities, because only 40% of 300 CMIC members have participated in public works.

He asked the builders to take advantage of their capacities to generate private projects that imply a return on investment in the medium term, because the tendered works have only allowed the participation of one part.

Sánchez Morales commented that businessmen should try to make up for lost time with private projects, which should focus on new subdivisions, shopping malls, office buildings and the reuse of old buildings for apartments.

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