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Climate in Lima: Low temperature of 10.9 °C recorded today has not occurred since 2006

Climate in Lima: Low temperature of 10.9 °C recorded today has not occurred since 2006

The This Wednesday, May 25, a temperature of 10.9 °C was recorded in Lima. The entity reported that this is not only the lowest so far this year, but that “this value has not occurred since May 2006 with 10.6 °C.”

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In dialogue with this newspaper, the engineer Raquel Loayza, a specialist from the Senamhi Meteorological Prediction Subdirectorate, mentioned that precisely since May 25, 2006, that is, a day like today 16 years ago, the people of Lima could not bear such a temperature low.

The temperature of 10.9 °C was recorded today by the Senamhi station located in La Molina.

“La Molina registered a minimum temperature of 10.9 °C and 92% humidity (the lowest temperature of the year). Meanwhile, Jesús María reached 14.7 ° C and 91% humidity ”, reads the Senamhi Twitter account.

It has been an extremely cold night in districts in the east of Lima such as Ate, Santa Anita, La Molina, San Juan de Lurigancho, Carabayllo, El Agustino, all those that are far from the sea”, Loayza mentioned, adding that there was also a cold night in other districts of Lima, such as Jesús María.

It should be remembered that last Wednesday, May 11, the capital registered 11.6 degrees Celsius, which was described at that time as the lowest temperature of the year. However, this figure was surpassed this Wednesday, May 25.

What is the reason for these low temperatures?

According to Loayza, the low temperatures that occur in this fall season are due to several factors. One of them, and very important, “is that we have cold sea surface temperature, below normal, which is also known as negative anomalies”.

Another factor, he pointed out, is the increase in southerly winds that occur during the day, “and that also cools down.”

Why does the temperature drop more in eastern districts? Loayza explained that these solar glare occurs in the afternoon hours, which heats the surface, “but then at night it quickly cools down, which causes the surrounding air to cool down quickly, reaching those low temperatures, which Callao, San Miguel or other coastal districts do not have.”.

Low temperatures also in regions

Senamhi also reported that the lowest temperatures of the year have been recorded in several cities in the coastal area.

Peruvian coast presented the lowest temperatures so far this year. Stations located in coastal districts reached minimum temperatures of 10.9 °C (La Molina, Lima), 12.2 °C (Trujillo, La Libertad), and 16.3 °C (Piura) according to the forecast“, public.

The prognosis

The Senamhi spokeswoman indicated that these low temperatures will continue until the end of the month, it is even likely that there will be more fog this weekend and “the temperature will drop even further to 10.1 °C.”


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