Abdo highlights that his government has the best results against organized crime

Abdo highlights that his government has the best results against organized crime

During the inauguration of paved roads in Concepción, Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, spoke of the insecurity that plagues said department. He pointed out that they not only seek to attack insecurity in a repressive way, but also in State policies that allow criminal acts to be prevented.

“Concepción was a forgotten department for a long time. The cruel reality of the absence of the State forced many people to travel paths that they would not have traveled if Concepción had not been so abandoned, ”he said.

He stressed that his government has obtained the most important results in terms of killed members of organized crime, records in the amount of cocaine seized and a blow to terrorism in all of history.

“These are data that I do not say with happiness because they are Paraguayans. Large operations have been developed such as ‘A Ultranza’ where the ‘big fish’ fall. Citizens have two options, or coexist with organized crime to have peace when it allows them to operate with impunity. There is a complicit peace and silence when you decide not to fight it. Or fight them all together,” he commented.

In terms of numbers, the head of state highlighted the 91 members expelled from the First Capital Command (PCC) during his government.

“That there are going to be victims and there are going to be days of mourning. Like the cowardly murder of the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero. It hurts us as a society. But the fight against organized crime must be everyone’s commitment”, he commented.

He denounced that there are prosecutors who charge to prevent proceedings from being carried out. But he did not specify names.

“There are justice people who charge for not extraditing. And that when he is extradited, bills begin to be collected. The one who is charged yes or yes is the one who received something and did not comply. The fight against organized crime will be tough and it will take time. It has to continue when we leave the Government”, he commented.

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