CLEZ: "Without fixing the wall, the water will cover the holy towns of Zulia"

CLEZ: “Without fixing the wall, the water will cover the holy towns of Zulia”

The president of the Zulia State Legislative Council (CLEZ) reported that the town of El Rull, in the Catatumbo municipality, is under water, after the dam in this jurisdiction broke. She stressed the importance of joint work between the three levels of government, to prevent more families from being affected.

“Without fixing the wall, the water will cover the holy towns in the Sucre municipality” of Zulia, is the warning of Deputy Iraida Villasmil, president of the State Legislative Council (CLEZ), after her visit to the South of the Lake; as part of a tour in response to the flood emergency due to the rupture of the dam in Catatumbo.

The legislator explained that the towns of Santa María, San José and San Antonio (known as the holy towns in the Sucre municipality) are at risk of being totally under the waters of the Tucaní River, as was the town of El Rull in the Udón Pérez parish. from the Catatumbo municipality; she noted her in interview with The truth.

Since last April 24, the rupture of a dam in the Catatumbo municipality, added to the rainfall that has been recorded in the area in recent weeks, has left several jurisdictions under water: Catatumbo, Francisco Javier Pulgar, Sucre, Valmore Rodriguez and Lagunillas.

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“Hours of High Difficulty”

“It is necessary to make great investment efforts. What is happening in the Zulia River is very serious, but very serious. That is going to require a significant investment and let’s not even talk about the Tucaní River, which if a plug cannot be put where it is broken, that water will go directly to the holy towns, they can be sunk like El Rull was under the Zulia River”, declared the parliamentarian, who emphasized that the hours lived in the South of the Lake “are highly difficult.”

The CLEZ president confirmed that there are constant communications between the entity’s governor, Manuel Rosales, and President Nicolás Maduro.

He stressed that the three levels of government are active and coordinated to address the flood emergency, and that this is key to rebuilding the Catatumbo dam, whose rupture caused the overflow of the Zulia River, covering more than 35,000 hectares in the south of the Lake.

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first resources

«Maduro has been in communication with Manuel Rosales, he has already sent the first resources that were already approved immediately by us (at CLEZ). We had not moved before, because we were waiting for that money that Maduro was going to send,” Villasmil said.

The money to which the deputy refers is an additional credit of 1,334,700.00 bolívares (one million three hundred thirty-four thousand seven hundred bolívares) that Maduro sent to deal with the damages in Zulia. The regional Parliament approved the amount last Thursday, after an urgent call to all deputies.

«We finished the session at 8:00 at night, but it was approved there. I felt that so many factors at the national level are supporting it. There is nothing left but to thank him, because the situation is very serious and will require a lot of support », he said.

He stressed that “I appreciate the effort that the governor has put in and we also raise this to the ministers who have been very aware of the situation, to the point that they sent an additional credit. Quickly, the 15 legislators, we approved it ».

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“It could have been avoided”

The president of the State Hemicycle questioned the lack of action by Omar Prieto, former governor of Zulia by the PSUV, regarding the maintenance of the dam in Catatumbo, but stressed that it is best to look forward in search of solutions to prevent more people are affected.

“Thank you that Manuel Rosales arrived, and that Maduro quickly heard about the emergency, and it must be recognized, he is moving quickly with the Governor. Rosales told us that the national government is in constant communication, if he has been able to, why didn’t they do it in the past? », he said.

“What a pity, because it is no longer worth considering that Omar Prieto had the possibility of having managed the wall and having realized the serious situation that all the ranchers and inhabitants of the area had been denouncing for a long time,” he said. .

He stressed that “it could have been avoided, but it is no longer worth it. Rather, I echo what the Governor says: look ahead and find a solution to these problems.

CLEZ, collection center

The CLEZ headquarters in Maracaibo is one of the collection centers for those affected by the floods.

Those who can and wish to collaborate can go to the building of this Parliament, located in front of Plaza Bolívar in the central Marabino hull.

«What they need most are sheets, mattresses, shoes. People are practically barefoot, also diapers, and my lollipop campaign, because a child with a lollipop is happy, and in that area they are hardly found, “explained the deputy.

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