21 years after the law, the Buenos Aires government revives the idea of ​​making the subway line F

21 years after the law, the Buenos Aires government revives the idea of ​​making the subway line F

They plan to do it in sections (Photo: Pablo Añeli).

The Government of Buenos Aires reported that it will start, with its own equipment, an engineering study for the design of the subway line F, whose construction was foreseen in a 2001 law and remains stalleddue to the postponement of the tender for more than 20 years, which led to a score of complaint projects from the opposition arch.

The announcement was made by the state company Subterráneos de Buenos Aires in reference to the line that, according to the law of November 2001, must connect the neighborhoods of Barracas, Constitución, Recoleta and Palermo, and whose bidding for the concretion was postponed by the Buenos Aires administration on 14 occasions.

As they explained, they will start with “engineering studies with own equipment” to “make existing resources more efficient, adapt the project to the transformations that the configuration of the City of Buenos Aires underwent in the last 20 years, and adapt it to the current macroeconomic context”.

It is that, they stated, “a new proposal is being worked on” for the route of line F, which, they indicated, “will mean very important savings for the State and will allow the development of the line to be adapted to a City that has been configured in a different way.”

According to official calculations, the original tender had a budget close to 5 million dollars, while “by doing it with their own resourcestaking into consideration the direct costs of salaries and equipment and the indirect costs, the estimated total budget is around 3 million dollars”.

The subway trace with Line F in orange
The subway trace with Line F in orange.

Promptly, the first section to be designed will be between the Constitución terminal of line C and the Palermo station of line D, which coincides with the most densely populated area, and which has an extension of 5.2 kilometers, with six projected stops.


Line F is a debt of Buenos Aires management, like lines G and I, both also contemplated in the 2001 law.

In this regard, since then more than 20 projects have been presented to the Buenos Aires Legislature requesting reports from the Executive for the delay in the application of the norm.

The last file was written by the legislator of the Frente de Todos Juan Pablo Modarelli in rejection “of the decision of the Government of the City to postpone for the fourteenth time the call for the subway line F, as well as the absence of items destined to the extension of the network in the City’s 2022 Budget”.

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