“Clan Insfrán” would be responsible for the death of Pecci

The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo published on Tuesday that a criminal group led by the “Clan Insfrán” of Miguel Ángel Insfrán and Sebastián Marset, a Uruguayan businessman, were responsible for the attack that killed Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

Pecci, a prosecutor against organized crime, was the victim of hitmen when he was on vacation on the beach in Barú, Colombia, on May 10. According to the aforementioned Colombian media, they agreed to part of the statements of Francisco Correa Galeano, one of the six people arrested and accused of planning and committing the hitman. He reported that he was hired by people belonging to “one of the largest cocaine trafficking networks in Paraguay.” After an analysis, Colombian and Paraguayan authorities concluded that it would be the “Clan Insfrán” through its leaders Miguel Ángel Insfrán, alias “Tío Rico” and Sebastián Marset, a Uruguayan businessman.

Alicia Méndez, Colombian journalist and author of the article published in the newspaper El Tiempo, affirmed that her publication was prepared thanks to some contributions that she managed to obtain from the interview that Francisco Correa Galeano gave to the Colombian authorities. Correa is the only one of the six captured who did not accept the charges, and is seeking to negotiate with the Prosecutor’s Office and the DEA to avoid his extradition to the United States. “He acknowledges that he was contacted by two drug lord brothers. They are two people who are not on the radar of the authorities. He gave the names but the media outlet avoided disclosing them so as not to affect the progress of the investigations since they do not have an arrest warrant and judicially we can get into trouble, ”he explained in an interview with Ñanduti AM.

These two men contact him to organize the logistics to kill prosecutor Pecci by order of a Paraguayan drug trafficker. One hypothesis reached by the Colombian authorities is that it would be the “Clan Insfrán”. This theory is also known by the authorities of the United States, Colombia and Paraguay. “We got small parts, only who hired Correa, which was the most important thing. One of the two brothers was detained in Honduras and there he met someone from the Insfrán clan, that’s where the link would come from and that’s why they would have asked him to coordinate the crime here in Colombia. The big drug lords did not do it,” commented the communicator.

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