Castillo accuses Congress, the Prosecutor's Office and the press of colluding to "destabilize the democratic order"

Castillo accuses Congress, the Prosecutor’s Office and the press of colluding to “destabilize the democratic order”

The president of the Republic, gave a message to the Nation after the proceedings in the Government Palace that sought the preliminary arrest of his sister-in-law and adopted daughter, whom they did not find at the scene.

According to the president, there is a sector of Congress, the Prosecutor’s Office and a sector of the press trying to destabilize the democratic order. This after the raid on the Government Palace by the Special Team of Prosecutors.

“The collusion between a part of Congress, the Attorney General’s Office and a sector of the press to destabilize the democratic order is evident. They may have means, they may have money, but they do not have the people,” Castillo said.

He also pointed out that everything is about a media plan that seeks to “take power illegally.” On the other hand, he described the raid of the Government Palace by the Prosecutor’s Office as a “media show”.

“Today the Government Palace and the Presidential House have been, once again, violated with an illegal search endorsed by a judge, coincidentally when the request for my five-year disqualification is being requested, to take away from the Peruvian people their legitimate government”, he added.

“Those who seek to break the constitutional and democratic order are the same ones who denounced a non-existent electoral fraud, to ignore my election, even resorting to international organizations. Coincidentally, yesterday before the constitutional accusations commission a report was presented illegally requesting my disqualification, and today, putting on a media show, they raid my home in search of my daughter, believing that with this, they are going to break me, ”he asserted.

Presidency let Yenifer Paredes escape

After the preliminary arrest of José Medina, mayor of Anguía, and the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino, the Judiciary authorized the arrest of the sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, who was not found in the place after entering an hour after his arrival. .

Around five in the afternoon, a group of police officers and representatives of the Public Ministry went to the Palace to carry out the procedure; however, after more than an hour they were not allowed access to the residence.

Upon gaining entry, explained Peru21, Paredes, 26, was no longer inside the House of Pizarro. At this time, a record is being drawn up on what happened, they indicated.


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