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Civic Committee calls for elections this February 11

January 12, 2023, 22:42 PM

January 12, 2023, 22:42 PM

Next February 11, at 10:00 a.m., the Committee for Santa Cruz will have new authorities. That day President, first and second vice president will be elected. The Assembly of La Cruceñidad has been convened by the civic directory for the election of its authorities, and to receive the report from the outgoing authorities, that is: Romulo Calvo, Fernando Larach and Stello Cochamanidis.

The Assembly of La Cruceñidad is made up of the president and vice-presidents of the Committee for Santa Cruz, its former presidents, current directors (for each institutional sector), current delegates, presidents of provincial institutions, and the founders of the Civic Committee and the Cruceñista Youth Union.

However, the elections primaries will be held between January 25 and 30, as announced by the Electoral Board of the civics. These will take place in the Melchor Pinto Parada Hall of the civic building.

The primaries allow to elect six regular delegates and six alternates for each sector. One of the responsibilities of the delegates allows them to participate in the Cruceñidad Assembly and determine the new authorities.

In the same way, a regular director and an alternate are defined for the period 2023-2025. To participate, it will be necessary to be a duly accredited representative of each of the institutions, with at least one year of affiliation to the Committee, the call indicates.

Civic committee calls for elections

The Wednesday January 25 the agricultural, artisan, peasant, women’s civic, comparsas cruceñas and cooperatives will have their elections. as long as Thursday 26 it will be the turn of the cultural and artistic, sports, educational and scientific research institutions; business, university students and internal centers, as well as native indigenous peoples of the department.

The Friday the 27th will vote: Cruceña fraternities, unions, youth institutions and high school students; institutions for the elderly, mutuals, ex-combatants and retirees; mid-level and high-level professionals. Finally, Tuesday 31, it will be the turn of the institutions: social and community service, those of people with disabilities; freelance workers, carriers, neighborhood institutions and the Cruceñista Youth Union.

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