Doctor Leonel Argüello: More than 14 thousand Nicaraguans died from COVID-19

Citizen Observatory reports 5,991 suspicious deaths from COVID-19 in Nicaragua

In the first two years of the pandemic in Nicaragua, the COVID-19 Citizen Observatory reported a total of 5,991 suspicious deaths from coronavirus. The most recent report reveals that infections amount to 32,141 suspected cases, a figure higher than the official infections registered by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The group of independent doctors points out that in the last two weeks it has been known that several political prisoners have symptoms of illness compatible with COVID-19. “It is possible that the necessary measures are not being taken to prevent contagion both when exposed during trials or in the facilities where they are located,” he stressed.

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At the same time, it demanded that due protection and prevention measures against COVID-19 be ensured for all persons deprived of liberty. “It is the duty of the State to protect the health of all its inhabitants,” he stressed.

They criticize the lack of information on the new vaccination day

The Citizen Observatory pointed out that the Minsa began what it has called “new voluntary vaccination scheme against COVID-19 – cycle 2022” about which no further information is known.

The group of doctors indicates that it is necessary to know specifically about the type of biologicals that they will be using, the number of doses that they will use, the priority groups, potential effects in case of receiving a different vaccine from the one previously used, etc. “This effort has been clouded by uncertainty and doubts arising from the lack of information,” he lamented.

The health institution recognizes that between March 15 and 22, 75 infected patients. If compared to the previous week, there are 12 fewer cases. The health agency again assumed only one death from the virus in seven days.

In total, the number of deaths due to SarsCOV-2 reaches 229 and the number of infections reaches 18,385 since the first infected was reported on March 18, 2020. The official health agency has not changed its death toll since October of 2020, assuming one death per week due to the pandemic, this despite the waves due to the variants of the virus that have triggered infections and hospitalizations.

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