La policía sancionada presentó a los sospechosos de un asalto y el expediente ya está en manos de la Fiscalía.

Citizen insecurity grows, several departments report

Citizen insecurity is on the rise in the capital city, the Caribbean, and the northern zone of Nicaragua. Reports from Jinotega and Matagalpa indicate that in both departments citizen security has been in a tailspin since last year.

Only in the last week of May of this year, the police authorities reported the capture of 42 criminals for highly dangerous crimes, including murder and armed robbery. Another 28 criminals were arrested for having committed robberies with intimidation with a knife, and another 35 for minor crimes.

In the department of Jinotega, in 2021, 3,800 crimes were officially reported by the Police. About 1,500 more than in 2020. The department of Matagalpa, in that same year, reported more than 10,000 crimes, almost 2,000 more than in 2020.

Citizens take their measures

Citizens in the departments have had to take action in the face of the crime wave and the lack of effective intervention by the Police, who only seem to be concerned with guarding concentration points or roundabouts, as is the case in the capital.

Citizen insecurity grows, several departments report

The case report was read in Matagalpa. The capture occurred with contributions from citizens.

The population of Bocana de Paiwas, for example, managed to put behind bars the presumed members of a band of assailants from the area that only eight days ago perpetrated a million-dollar assault on a producer in his own home.

In past months, the citizens of Matagalpa captured two subjects who were engaged in bank scams and denounced a group of people who were dedicated to the scam with promises of travel and an American visa.

In the case of the assault in Paiwas, the report detailing aspects of the event and the investigations was read in Matagalpa by the head of the repressive body, General Commissioner Diego Baltodano.

By: United Voices.

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