Cinthia Tarragó's book and the Ultranza operation: announcement and presumptions

Cinthia Tarragó’s book and the Ultranza operation: announcement and presumptions

The announcement that former deputy Cinthia Tarragó will write a book about the process that led him to jail, unleashed hypotheses and presumptions regarding, among other things, the background of the benevolent sentence he received from the US justice system.

One of these is the obligatory question: Did the former parliamentarian collaborate with US authorities? What did this collaboration consist of? Did she help her to unveil the structure in which she herself, she said, was part of it? Will she tell all this in her book?

One of the presumptions that arise on the subject is the one that connects the times, since she was arrested and immediately taken to prison, with the start (shortly after) of the Ultranza Operation, the main and largest deployed in our country against structures drug traffickers who operate by sending drofas from Paraguay to countries on all continents, especially Europe.

The first Ultranza investigations began 8 months after Tarragó’s arrest. This according to what the minister of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat, Zully Rolón, said in repeated interviews with the media.


While what will be the “book of Tarragó” is already palpitating, the other question, his return to the country, also takes place
between the comments.

In this regard, the Paraguayan consul in New York, Carlos Alberto Ortiz, explained to Radio Ñandutí that Tarragó’s return process is continuing.

“She is free but at no time will she go out on an outpatient basis. We still haven’t received the notification from the court, the information I have is the call I had with her. That’s why I found out all the details, she was happy and content with the support we gave her… she thanked her and commented that she is going to launch a book and they are going to find out about the process. She told me that the judge is going to notify Immigration about her release, ”explained Ella Ortiz.

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