Cicpc investigates the murder of a transsexual in Valencia

Cicpc investigates the murder of a transsexual in Valencia

The Cicpc is investigating the murder of Omar Enrique Bencomo Pineda, a 24-year-old transsexual, who was shot in the chest, police sources said.

The event occurred last Wednesday on Avenida Lara crossing Boyacá street, Valencia (Carabobo), when a couple aboard a motorcycle stopped where Bencomo Pineda was wearing a feminine suit.

Man and woman got off the bike. Bencomo and the subject talked, but the latter placed a gun to his chest, shot him and fled on the motorcycle. Bencomo died on the site.

Passers-by reported what happened to the police authorities. Cicpc Agents They showed up at the site and lifted the body.

The scientific police collects security videos placed in the Valencian sector to identify the perpetrator of the murder.

They presume that the motive for the murder is related to a failed business transaction due to the sale of some wigs offered by Bencomo.

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