Court issued a custodial sentence against four policemen

CICPC clarified infanticide in Zulia

Fernando Contreras Chourio (54), nicknamed Nando, murderer of the 7-year-old girl Luzmary Carolina Hurtado Silvera, who was found lifeless and in a state of decomposition, was arrested on November 6, in the Ezequiel Zamora III sector, Santa Barbara, Colón municipality, Zulia state.

The information was disseminated by Commissioner Douglas Rico, director of the CICPC.

In his Instagram account douglasricovzla, in which he explained that “After several days of tireless investigative and criminal work, by officials of the San Carlos Coordination of Investigations of Crimes Against Persons, the murderer of the Luzmary Carolina Hurtado Silvera, a 7-year-old girl, who left for her classes on Thursday, November 3, but never reached her destination.

The official Rico states that Fernando Contreras took advantage of the fact that the girl was traveling alone, to go to the Sixto Coronil Gómez School Educational Unit, located in the 26 de Septiembre sector, to subdue her, savagely beat her and finally strangle her, to then leave her abandoned in the place where it was found, since the man had access to this area.

preliminary proceedings

It is important to refer to the fact that the girl’s mother, Ana Silvera, was the one who reported the disappearance of the minor to the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), San Carlos subdelegation.

In her statements, Silvera stated that she lost contact with Luzmary when she left her house on her way to school.

The Cicpc issued an alert on Saturday, November 5, in search of the minor, the image was published by different state security agencies, in which they requested information on the whereabouts of Luzmary.

Commissioner Rico ratified in his message that the guilt of alias “Nando” could be proven, after a meticulous criminal investigation, which was carried out with the evidence collected at the site of the event and on the girl’s body.

Other arguments considered in the investigation process were the inconsistencies in the accounts of “Nando” during the preliminary interviews; since this subject had been the last person to see Luzmary alive.

The highest authority of the CICPC referred that Fernando Contreras was placed under the order of the Court of First Instance in Control Functions, in Matters of Gender Violence of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Zulia state, Santa Bárbara extension.

The community remains dismayed by the tragic event and days after the shocking discovery of the body of the minor, peaceful marches were held, in rejection of this type of event that involves aberrational and violent acts against the child population.

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